Community-Led NFT Project


On the Cardano Blockchain
Community-Led NFT Project


On the Cardano Blockchain


The Ape Nation Team is comprised of 8 like-minded individuals working harmoniously in the pursuit of delivering the most elite community-driven project in the CNFT space. This carefully orchestrated team through hard work, integrity and transparency is dedicated to adhering to a “community first” mentality in all phases of the project.

Original community members Showtime, Mr. B, Scram, TheWolf, J Rod’s Crypto, KC8 and JemDem teamed up with NFT veteran fettuccine with ambitions to leave their own mark within the CNFT space. With an unmatched tenacity and a commitment to excellence, the Ape Nation Team is on a mission to build and lead one of the most recognized CNFT projects with true long term appeal.




I am an Engineer by profession, but a Marketing Specialist turned Influencer in the cNFT Space. Over 20+ years experience using analytics and 15+ years marketing. Involved with 100+ cNFT discords and well recognized in this space.


@Mr. B


Growth is my true passion, Community before myself, Cyber Security and Student Athlete.




One of the Founders of Ape Nation, Scram has experience with Discord moderation, Discord Editing, and community growth.




Collector, Professional Marketer, Artist Manager. CNFT OG & Project Lead of Angel Baby Hit Squad, the first Ethereum NFT with Cardano Utility.




Professional with 25 + years experience in Sales/Purchasing/Marketing predominantly in the IT, Consumer Electronics and Property Sectors. Team Player with unmatched work ethic.




Professional with 15+ years experience in operations/project/relationship management, advisory and consultative spaces. A true passion for collaborating with others and thrives in a team environment. Critical thinker with an addiction to sports and finance.




South Florida Native dedicated to family & the pursuit of happiness. An entrepreneur with 18+ years’ experience covering a vast range. Living life by the motto "Teamwork makes the Dream work." Outside the box thinker with a cup half full mentality.


@KC Ape


Professional, Father and Husband. Working hard at his fiat job during the day to spend his evenings helping to build the great Ape Nation as well as send prizes to the community as The Official Ape Nation Giveaway Host!



This Roadmap reflects fully achievable goals that the team is 100% dedicated to. Additions may be made and communicated throughout the year for the benefit of the community.

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Q4 2022


Ape Nation Jungle Juice Vials for Mutation Nation


Consumption with your OG Ape Nation NFT generates 1 Mutation Nation NFT. The Vial will be burned and your OG Ape Nation NFT will be returned to your wallet.

total supply: 6,992


Consumption with your OG Ape Nation NFT generates 1 Mutation Nation NFT. The Vial will be burned and your OG Ape Nation NFT will be returned to your wallet.

total supply: 2,969
hyper rare


“One of a Kind” 1:1 Mutation Nation NFT. No OG Ape Nation NFT required for Mutation. Vial will be burned and 1:1 Mutation Nation NFT is minted.

total supply: 38


There are total of 9,999 unique Ape Nation NFTs.

February 14th, 2022.

Visit and enter the receiving address of the wallet that was used to purchase the NFT.

You can view rarity information on our website. We are also listed on

You can buy Ape Nation NFTs on, or

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